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    C.H. ANIMAL CONTROL provides nuisance wildlife services for Southcentral Pennsylvania and Northcentral Maryland. Services can and have been provided outside this range, with travel fees charged accordingly.

    C.H. Animal Control is dedicated to the environment, protecting natural ecosystems while assuring the safety health and well-being of people and domestic animals.

     In as much, C.H. Animal Control has developed the craft of regulating conflict between natural and domestic ways of life. Furthermore, education in environmental science, biological science, dendrology, botany, and conservation allows for a thorough examination of complex issues.

     A full report is often provided upon inspection to assure the customer receives a complete understanding regarding all the areas of concern on and near their property, as well as various remedies to correct such problems.

     C.H. Animal Control’s well-developed practice assures that nuisance wildlife is given humane attention, careful management, as well as the possibility for Wildlife Rehabilitation.

     C.H. ANIMAL CONTROL is licensed by The Pennsylvania Game Commission and Maryland Department Of Natural Resources to help with the regulation of all wild animals. 

     C.H. ANIMAL CONTROL strives to ensure safety, health and well-being to the community, and humane treatment for animals with focus on their populations and habitats.


Home inspections are provided, and often needed to locate and correct an issue with nuisance wildlife.

    Operations to control wildlife damage provided by C.H. Animal Control include:

-Squirrels removed from attics, feeders, or from gnawing on structures.
Deer and Rabbits deterred from gardens and from harming trees.
-Managing Woodchuck/Groundhog damage in all its entirety.
-Relocating bats to more acceptable locations
-Saving properties from Moles, Voles, Shrews, and Chipmunks.
-Protecting livestock from Weasels, Red Fox, Coyotes, Raccoons, Opossums, Skunks
-Removing Skunks and Opossums from under structures.
-Evicting raccoons and Squirrels from out of chimneys.
-Deterring Geese and Ducks from ponds, fields, parks…
-Discouraging Crows from attacking songbirds, game birds, and crops.
-Managing unsanitary conditions caused by Pigeons, Blackbirds, Sparrows …
-Protecting aquaculture facilities from fish-eating birds.
-Eliminating direct Beaver Damage to trees, and flood impacts to forests and croplands.
-Controlling Feral cats, optional emphasis on trap, neuter, and return (TNR) upon request.
-Capturing snakes for relocation.
-Preventing Muskrats from draining water reservoirs.
-Excluding birds from vents, soffits, walls, etc.

-Effective control of Rats and Mice.
- ... and anything else without a collar.

    All wild animal issues are controlled with attention to health and safety by minimizing human / animal conflict, and with additional focus on environmental factors.

    Added insurance and experience offers structural-damage-repairs and the sealing of access-points to structures as an additional service available from C.H. Animal Control.

    For Professional and Humane Wildlife Pest Control Services, Call…


(717) 642-0147

Or for emergency action call:
(717) 253-3859 (Immediate response charges will then apply)


       The accompanying pages are certainly not an exhaustive list of information, but rather foresight to a business strategy.


As available time and photographs allow, there will be much more to come.

Thank you for visiting with us here at C.H. Animal Control.

Have a great day.

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