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 Bats are our very own insect exterminators, capturing and eating thousands of insects a night. The bat's habitat is slowly diminishing with the loss of trees where the females raise their young in maternity colonies. She only bears one young per year, but will live for many. With the loss of natural habitat the bat must choose alternate housing, which happens to be, more often than not, an attic. 
      Bats are good to have around, the positives are great, but the negatives for living in your home can prove unhealthy. The two main deterrents for housing bats in your home are the feces, which harbor histoplasmosis, and bat bugs that feed on bats. The bat bugs prefer the bats and usually only choose humans as an alternate host after the bats have been excluded. The greatest concern for most people is the mammal-aspect of these critters, which allows them the capacity of being a rabies vector species.
     I am sure that most property owner's understand that harming bats will have many negative consequences, exposure to pets and children to name the most obvious disinterests. Essentially, there happens to be no fumigants or pesticides registered for bat use.
      Experience with these mammals has taught C.H. Animal Control how to safely and effectively exclude these bats from attics, louvers, siding, etc. and relocate them close by to their new home, outside yours, where they can still provide their many benefits without concern to the homeowner. Additionally, upon exclusion, the possibility of histoplasmosis and bat bugs can be eliminated through a preceding clean up operation, if need be, per homeowners request.
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