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     Moles seem to bother many people in regards to their nesting and tunneling behavior, which produces raised tunnels and mounds of soil along the ground surface. When a property owner takes great interest in the appearance of their lawn, they become agitated by the unwanted signs left by the mole's activity.

    There are three moles recognized here in Pennsylvania; the star-nosed mole, the hairy-tiled mole, and the Eastern mole. All three exhibit similar habits as underground living, insectivores. While tunneling through the soil, moles produce a raised system of tunnels along the surface. and when burrowing deeper into the ground, raised tunnels appear, as the soil needs to be displaced somewhere. Although displeasing to the aesthetic views of most property owners, the mole's activity is not all that negative when considering the many beetle larvae devoured and the aerating benefits to the soil. Nevertheless, when mower blades are dulled, golf balls are misdirected, and ankles are twisted, a property owner will desire control of the energetic mole.
      C.H. Animal Control can remove the moles and offer suggestions for making your property less attractive to their behavioral patterns.

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