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     Pigeons are amazing birds with many outstanding attributes. Pigeons are the most agile of flyers; they are fast and change direction quickly, adding great sport to wing shooting while giving no advantages to the shot-gunner. The male pigeons monogamously keep to their mate for life, take the day shift sitting on eggs, and lactate for the young until they are ready for grain feeding.  Pigeons can nest on the hardest of surfaces with little or no bedding material for their eggs, and for a large bird, they can amazingly fly straight up. These are just a few incredibly impressive features for a bird, no wonder they thrive, multiply, overpopulate, and aggressively push into new areas, or re-establish where once removed.

    Pigeons become a problem when their droppings accumulate on buildings, parks, and in food facilities. The unsanitary conditions imposed by pigeons, along with the defilement of properties, demands immediate attention and most agree that something must be done. When perched or roosting on buildings, pigeons defile the architecture and generate significant costs in cleaning windows and edifice. Often times, when a flock of pigeons fly off, they will release droppings upon bystanders; these people are rarely pleased, desiring no reoccurrence of that circumstance. Pigeons are also a major problem in agricultural settings. Foodstuffs for human consumption can be directly contaminated by droppings, and livestock foods are also polluted.

    C.H. ANIMAL CONTROL can provide a solution to any of these issues or other less significant problems caused by pigeons. Because of the many situations and property-owner expectations, there is no direct operation, or solution, for deterring or removing the pigeons; as a consequence, an inspection must be provided along with a probable lookout procedure. Afterward, a professional decision can be considered and then discussed before put into effect.

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