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    Most people are fascinated by raccoons, which happen to be attractive critters with their ringed tails and masked faces, either waddling and climbing around, or propped up, utilizing their dexterous paws for food or other objects of interest. It seems that raccoons are one of the most common species when referring to wildlife. Many people consider raccoons as harmless and cute, but soon alter their perspective when the raccoons prove their destructive qualities within civilized areas.

    Raccoons present their first form of destructive capacity on homeowner's lawns, garbage, and also their pet's food. Raccoons will use their dexterous paws to lift and roll-back sod in order to get to the yummy grubs beneath, causing substantial turf damage in the process. And of course, raiding garbage cans is another opportunity for acquiring a food source. With the raccoon's use of its nimble fingers, it will open lids to garbage cans and bins, or tear open bags in order to get to the goodies within; upon doing so, creating a terrible mess for the homeowner. Additionally, homeowners who feed their pets outside will occasionally notice an always hungry pet coupled with an always empty food dish, and maybe the lid opened, or popped off their pet food container. Or possibly, they are greeted by a raccoon at their pet's feed dish. All of these minor disturbances provided by the raccoon are a relative nuisance to some homeowners or a major problem to others; either way, problems with raccoons in civilized areas can quickly escalate from trying to enter houses to attacking and killing pets. C.H. ANIMAL CONTROL can perform raccoon removal in the event of lawn damage, garbage raids, and habitual raccoon habits before issues begin to worsen. In the photo below, you will notice many important features: Bedding, Stabilizers, Un-Tripped Z-trap (just in case of an educated animal), Double-Catch, Deep-Woods setting, and the size and complexity of the raccoon's raid effort. These details are among the few most important aspects on this particular situation regarding the complexity of an effective raccoon removal operation. 

    A more prevalent issue associated with the raccoon is its voracious appetite for garden fresh vittles. Actually, the proper word in this situation is raccoons, with emphasis on the plural, since this is the time of year that the whole raccoon family is out feeding. Sweet corn is a favorite treat to the raccoon, and a gardener's crop will either take a considerable beating or become entirely annihilated in one night. It's easy to tell if the raccoon is at fault for corn damage; the stalks will be broken over in all directions, with the ears often pealed before eaten on. The raccoon will not pass up the opportunity for other fresh fruits and vegetables either, consuming a large portion of a homeowner's crop on the first visit, and if not immediately controlled, the raccoon will likely deface the entire garden before moving on. C.H. ANIMAL CONTROL can provide a resolution to raccoons attacking gardens and crops. 

    An even more escalated problem with raccoons is when they begin to attack livestock. Poultry is usually under the greatest threat, but do not underestimate the raccoon's ability to gain access to other small barnyard critters. More often than not, the raccoon will come around enjoying the feed left out for cats, geese, chickens, turkeys, ducks, quail, etc., until the property owner becomes aware to either the excessive feed requirements, or notices sign left by the raccoon. At this time raccoon removal is very important; otherwise, predation almost always follows. A tell-tale sign of a raccoon attack to livestock is the apparent recognition of its prey having been pulled through the fencing, or the birds torn apart, sometimes with the heads missing, but mostly chewed upon greatly. The attacks will likely continue until the raccoon is captured and removed. C.H. ANIMAL CONTROL can perform an inspection, and upon proving the raccoons at fault for the predation, can provide a solution to the problem as well as educate the property owner on preventative measures to incorporate in future proceedings. 

    The worst case situation a raccoon will put upon the property owner is direct infiltration of the home. When a raccoon takes up residence in a civilian structure, the homeowner is subjected to many hazardous elements. Raccoons carry many diseases that can be transferred to humans, they can chew wires that could cause an electrical fire, their toilet latrines contaminate areas of the structure that will need replaced, as their population grows they will explore and damage large areas of the structure, and worst of all is direct physical contact with pets, children, or other people in the household. Raccoons take up residence in chimneys as well, usually to raise their young, and will need to be removed before colonizing other areas of the structure. C.H. ANIMAL CONTROL can remove raccoons from chimneys and from homes and structures. If there are raccoons in your home, or if you hear heavy noises in your walls or attic, or hear chirping noises in your chimney, then you must call immediately. Waiting will escalate the problem.

    Raccoons serve a great position in nature, filling an important niche within the ecosystem, and serving diversity with in their habitat. They do look cute in their element; however, raccoons are not compatible with civilization, and cause many problems therein. Keep your distance, less than two-feet and you can suffer an expensive and uncomfortable trip to the emergency room. These critters are in the bear family; tough and formidable. For the sake of the raccoon, and all wildlife, please do not feed them, either accidentally or on purpose, the inherent end is always negative for both ways of life. It is, in fact, necessary to respect and value all forms of natural fauna.

 Here is a raccoon removed from inside a home.
                                    It was hand-captured and placed within the cage for transport.

Here's a set of coons that were raiding a kind lady's recycling bin.
                                Their strong and dexterous paws enabled them access to the contraption.

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