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      Little needs said about skunks when it comes to homeowner concerns. Nonetheless, they are a high rabies vector, meaning that the species is a large carrier of the horrible disease, and spread it rapidly through their docile and communal nature. 
     Nobody wants to experience the brunt of a skunk's ire either. Actually used as a later resort to ward off a possible threat, a skunk's spray can cause temporary blindness, as well as painful loss of breath. A skunk will usually "drum" its front feet before spraying, warning the threat of what is to come. If you are surprised into a face-off with a skunk, slink backwards by diminishing your height and stepping back, since skunks are  also threatened by an over-shadowing figure. If it drums its feet; it means business, so back-off or get blasted.
      C.H. ANIMAL CONTROL is experienced with capturing and removing SKUNKS; thereby, providing safety for your family and pets.

                                     Mama Skunk was removed from under a home in a busy town.
                                                 Her young ones were exploring the basement, 
                                                 and alerted the homeowners to their presence.

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