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      Squirrels can be cute and entertaining when in their element; however, upon their search for food and shelter around our homes, they can be moderately to extremely damaging. 
     Bird feeder attacks are a major battle with homeowners, followed by gnawing on structures, and exceed toward nesting in buildings. We are all aware of the first two accounts of this animal's behavior, but the latter is much more destructive, costly, unsanitary, and dangerous, escalating with each litter. The chewing of wires and carrying of disease suggests the most serious concerns caused by squirrels. 
     Methods of exclusion, deterrence, or removal must be discussed on site considering the myriad of situations, possibilities, and homeowner expectations. 
    Structural repair can additionally be performed after exclusion of the animal. C.H. Animal Control is insured and experienced in handling this situation; and as a consequence, providing necessary structural integrity for deterring any recurrence to the feeder, structure, or reentry to the building.

    Here's A Flying Squirrel Ready For Relocation            Here's A Grey Squirrel Ready For Relocation
Its hard to see, but its sitting in typical pose at the end of the attachment
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