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Wildlife Rehabilitation

     C.H. Animal Control is rehab affiliated, indicating that attempts can be made for wildlife rehabilitation, followed by appropriate relocation of the animal. Donations make this opportunity possible.

     Laws exist for certain wildlife to be euthanized upon capture for many substantial reasons: The animal taking up residence in a domestic setting indicates the carrying capacity of the animal’s home range has reached its limiting potential, there are few areas where an animal can be released without compromising the areas’ carrying capacity—and natures’ way of controlling overpopulation is with disease, and many diseases are easily transferred directly to other animals, including humans. Altogether, euthanasia laws concerning wildlife are in place to prevent an outbreak. 

      A licensed wildlife rehabilitator works with these issues directly; rehabilitating the animal for independent survival in nature, followed with proper relocation to a suitable release site researched and designated to allow for the animals’ effective reintegration.

     Contact C.H. Animal Control for professional wildlife removal within the parameters of the law, geared toward the health and well-being of our communities and protection of our natural ecosystem.

     Please contact C.H. Animal Control for more information about donating toward wildlife rehabilitation.

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