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  Woodchucks, otherwise known as groundhogs or whistle pigs, are not often cherished by the property owner; although, I have received conversation from people who cherished their furry friends. I do believe they were renting the property, however. Nonetheless, I said nothing to belittle their fluffy fauna of fascination, but tried to hint around to the need for caution.

    Constant burrowing sometimes elicits washouts from large water Reservoirs. Large entryways to these tunnels unexposed in weedy areas cause heavy equipment damage and injurious effects to livestock, which is a broken leg in most cases. Additionally, the consistent storing of food devastates crops. When, the groundhog's three-week weaning time comes, and the young are on their way to tunnel themselves a new home, a property owner's house is not impregnable. I have seen foundations settle from the many holes and burrowing activity under crawlspace areas of homes. Porches are more common, but the damage can get pretty bad if not tended to immediately. Most importantly, however, is the threat of disease, mainly the rabies virus, which is contributed to the groundhog and naming it a high level vector of the disease; the reason being, they provide  severe-weather shelter for many mammals, all of which have the capacity for overpopulation and therefore nature's need to incorporate the rabies virus. As the groundhog hibernates, the sun's UV rays are not in the burrow to kill the virus as it transmits from host to host through the breath of these critters. 

    There is much animosity for this destructive rascal. On average, just the sight of one will initiate the homeowner to run for his or her firearm. Most people have developed a method for eliminating this pest, but some folks are not familiar with the problem, and some areas have limited means for regulating this varmint. Regardless, if there are woodchucks near your home, it is advisable to take action for keeping them at bay.
     If professional assistance is needed, C.H. Animal Control can utilize various methods to remove this large rodent. 

Here is a groundhog removed from under a property owner's porch. The lattice work was moderately damaged in a few areas. Repairs were made, the threat removed, and a nice lady's health and property was protected.


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